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سورة الحاقة

69. Al-Haaqqa

The reality

Total verses: 52
Revealed in: Mecca

- Saheeh International (English)
- Mawlana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhari (Urdu)

The surah that opens by proclaiming one of the names of the Day of Resurrection, The Inevitable reality or hour, so named because in the matter of truth shall forever be decided then and all truth shall prevail regarding every affair. It takes its name from the Inevitable or Besieger (al-Ḥāqqah) mentioned in verse 1. The surah describes punishment in this life (verse 4 ff.) and the next (verse 13 ff.). The bliss to be enjoyed by the believers is eloquently contrasted with the torments of hell (verse 19 ff.). From verse 38 onwards, God affirms the Truth of the Quran and the Prophet.
The surah is also known as: Reality, The Catastrophe, The Concrete Reality, The Indubitable, The Inevitable Hour, The Inevitable Reality, The Sure Occurrence, The Sure Reality, The Undeniable.

- Mishary bin Rashid Al-Afasy (Arabic)
- Ibrahim Walk (English)
- Shamshad Ali Khan (Urdu)
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Tafsir (Bayanul Quran):
Detailed verse by verse explanation of Quran in Urdu by Late Dr. Israr Ahmad.

وَالْمَلَكُ عَلَىٰ أَرْجَائِهَا ۚ وَيَحْمِلُ عَرْشَ رَبِّكَ فَوْقَهُمْ يَوْمَئِذٍ ثَمَانِيَةٌ ﴿١٧﴾
١٧ - اور فرشتے اس کے کناروں پر (اُتر آئیں گے) اور تمہارے پروردگار کے عرش کو اس روز آٹھ فرشتے اپنے سروں پر اُٹھائے ہوں گے .
[69:17] And the angels are at its edges. And there will bear the Throne of your Lord above them, that Day, eight [of them].
[Transliteration] Wal malaku 'alaaa arjaaa'ihaa, wa yahmilu 'Arsha Rabbika fawqahum yawma'izin samaaniyah
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