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سورة الطلاق

65. At-Talaq


Total verses: 12
Revealed in: Medina

- Saheeh International (English)
- Mawlana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhari (Urdu)

The surah that issues the lawful procedures by which one may Divorce and that calls for fair parting between believers if marriage is to end, in accordance with what is right and within God’s prescribed limits, while promising ease and deliverance for the truly God-fearing who undergo this trauma. It takes its name from verse 1 ff. concerning "divorce" (ṭalāq). The surah strongly urges people to observe God’s regulations and guidance. To reinforce this they are reminded of the fate of earlier disobedient peoples and the rewards of the obedient. God’s power and knowledge are emphasized at the end (verse 12).

- Mishary bin Rashid Al-Afasy (Arabic)
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- Shamshad Ali Khan (Urdu)
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Tafsir (Bayanul Quran):
Detailed verse by verse explanation of Quran in Urdu by Late Dr. Israr Ahmad.

لِيُنْفِقْ ذُو سَعَةٍ مِنْ سَعَتِهِ ۖ وَمَنْ قُدِرَ عَلَيْهِ رِزْقُهُ فَلْيُنْفِقْ مِمَّا آتَاهُ اللَّهُ ۚ لَا يُكَلِّفُ اللَّهُ نَفْسًا إِلَّا مَا آتَاهَا ۚ سَيَجْعَلُ اللَّهُ بَعْدَ عُسْرٍ يُسْرًا ﴿٧﴾
٧ - صاحب وسعت کو اپنی وسعت کے مطابق خرچ کرنا چاہیئے۔ اور جس کے رزق میں تنگی ہو وہ جتنا خدا نے اس کو دیا ہے اس کے موافق خرچ کرے۔ خدا کسی کو تکلیف نہیں دیتا مگر اسی کے مطابق جو اس کو دیا ہے۔ اور خدا عنقریب تنگی کے بعد کشائش بخشے گا .
[65:7] Let a man of wealth spend from his wealth, and he whose provision is restricted - let him spend from what Allah has given him. Allah does not charge a soul except [according to] what He has given it. Allah will bring about, after hardship, ease.
[Transliteration] Liyuntiq zoo sa'atim min sa'atihee wa man qudira 'alaihi riquhoo falyunfiq mimmaaa aataahul laah, laa yukalliful laahu nafsan illaa maaa aataahaa, sa yaj'alul laahu ba'da'usriny yusraa
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