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سورة النجم

53. An-Najm

The Star

Total verses: 62
Revealed in: Mecca
Sajdah on verse: 62

- Saheeh International (English)
- Mawlana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhari (Urdu)

The surah that opens with the oath of the Divine One swearing by every one of The Stars, as they descend and disappear beneath the horizon, that Muḥammad is indeed God’s awaited Messenger. It takes its name from verse 1, which mentions "the stars" (najm). The surah confirms the divine source of the Prophet’s message and refers to his ascension to heaven during the Night Journey (verse 1 ff.). The surah refutes the claims of the disbelievers about the goddesses and the angels (verse 19 ff.), and lists several truths about God’s power. It closes with a warning of the imminent Day of Judgement.
The surah is also known as: The Pleiades.

- Mishary bin Rashid Al-Afasy (Arabic)
- Ibrahim Walk (English)
- Shamshad Ali Khan (Urdu)
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Tafsir (Bayanul Quran):
Detailed verse by verse explanation of Quran in Urdu by Late Dr. Israr Ahmad.

وَكَمْ مِنْ مَلَكٍ فِي السَّمَاوَاتِ لَا تُغْنِي شَفَاعَتُهُمْ شَيْئًا إِلَّا مِنْ بَعْدِ أَنْ يَأْذَنَ اللَّهُ لِمَنْ يَشَاءُ وَيَرْضَىٰ ﴿٢٦﴾
٢٦ - اور آسمانوں میں بہت سے فرشتے ہیں جن کی سفارش کچھ بھی فائدہ نہیں دیتی مگر اس وقت کہ خدا جس کے لئے چاہے اجازت بخشے اور (سفارش) پسند کرے .
[53:26] And how many angels there are in the heavens whose intercession will not avail at all except [only] after Allah has permitted [it] to whom He wills and approves.
[Transliteration] Wa kam mim malakin fissamaawaati laa tughnee shafaa'atuhum shai'an illaa mim ba'di anyyaazanal laahu limany yashaaa'u wa yardaa
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