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سورة هود

11. Hud


Total verses: 123
Revealed in: Mecca

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- Mawlana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhari (Urdu)

The surah that mentions an ancient prophet after Noah named Hūd, whom God sent to the mighty people of ʿĀd, the dwellers of a great pillared city called Iram. It is named after Hūd, whose account is given in verse 50 ff. The surah begins by announcing that the Prophet is sent both to warn and to give good news, and the body of the surah focuses on the warning aspect: God watches over everything and is aware of all that people do (verse 5 ff., verse 111ff. and verse 123). The many stories of past prophets, which serve to warn the disbelievers, also strengthen the heart of the Prophet (verse 120).
The surah is also known as: Hood, Hud (The Messenger), The Prophet Hud.

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Detailed verse by verse explanation of Quran in Urdu by Late Dr. Israr Ahmad.

وَيَا قَوْمِ لَا يَجْرِمَنَّكُمْ شِقَاقِي أَنْ يُصِيبَكُمْ مِثْلُ مَا أَصَابَ قَوْمَ نُوحٍ أَوْ قَوْمَ هُودٍ أَوْ قَوْمَ صَالِحٍ ۚ وَمَا قَوْمُ لُوطٍ مِنْكُمْ بِبَعِيدٍ ﴿٨٩﴾
٨٩ - اور اے قوم! میری مخالفت تم سے کوئی ایسا کام نہ کرادے کہ جیسی مصیبت نوح کی قوم یا ہود کی قوم یا صالح کی قوم پر واقع ہوئی تھی ویسی ہی مصیبت تم پر واقع ہو۔ اور لوط کی قوم (کا زمانہ تو) تم سے کچھ دور نہیں .
[11:89] And O my people, let not [your] dissension from me cause you to be struck by that similar to what struck the people of Noah or the people of Hud or the people of Salih. And the people of Lot are not from you far away.
[Transliteration] Wa yaa qawmi laa yajri mannakum shiqaaqeee ai yuseebakum mislu maaa asaaba qawma Noohin aw qawma Hoodin aw qawma Saalih, wa maa qawmu Lootim minkum biba'eed
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